Our business

A leading Australian renewable energy company

Epuron is one of Australia’s most successful wind farm developers. It has developed the highest yielding wind farm, largest wind farm, the largest number of wind farms, and the largest number of wind turbines in NSW.

In solar energy, Epuron’s focus is megawatt-scale power generation in both grid-connected and off-grid markets. This experience ranges from smaller systems of less than 10 megawatts connected to local distribution feeders, to large systems greater than 100 megawatts and connected to the main electricity grid. While Epuron will continue to develop and sell larger projects, it has also established a significant portfolio of its own solar power stations in both grid-connected and off-grid markets.

Epuron is working with both mining and utility clients to provide reliable, off-grid power using solar and wind energy to supplement diesel or gas power supplies. This includes projects like our TKLN Solar systems, supplying remote townships, or the Yulara solar project which provides essential power to Ayers Rock Resort.

Epuron’s ability to provide both solar and wind energy, and to integrate these with either diesel or gas generators, sets it apart. Its custom-designed Grid Stability System ensures the maximum renewable energy contribution and fuel savings, and at the same time ensures reliable power generation.

In addition to its own development, Epuron also provides services to various clients in the renewable energy industry, including landowners, utilities, industrial partners, and other development companies. Activities include:

  • Resource monitoring and assessment for wind and solar energy projects, including hardware installation and maintenance, data capture and management
  • Development services including site finding, conceptual design, site assessment, landowner and community relations, and Development Consents
  • Pre-construction services including wind resource and yield assessment, site layouts, DA compliance, landowner and community relations, equipment selection and tendering
  • Technical Commercial Management (TCM) of solar projects including operational performance monitoring, compliance, billing, O&M management
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