Wind in the trees

The Guildford Wind Farm is located in a remote area in Central Tasmania which is used almost exclusively for plantation forestry operations. There are very few neighbouring properties in the vicinity of the site, making it ideal for a wind farm location.

Project Description

Epuron is exploring an area east of Waratah that we believe has a good chance of being suitable for a wind farm. This is because:

  • there is a good wind resource – we are currently conducting wind monitoring to confirm this and to identify the most prospective locations
  • the area has existing high voltage (220,000 volt) transmission lines suitable for connection
  • there is good access from the Murchison Hwy
  • a wind farm would complement the existing land use (forestry) on the site
  • the lack of nearby dwellings allows larger wind turbines which maximise the energy produced by each wind turbine

The site is located to the south of our Hellyer Wind Farm proposal which would connect to the existing 110,000 volt powerlines.

At this stage the potential scale of the project is still being determined, however it is likely to be up to 80 wind turbines. If the monitoring and testing confirms there is a wind resource suitable for a wind farm, Epuron would prepare and submit a development application in consultation with the landowner and local community.