St Patricks Plains

Epuron's first large Tasmanian wind farm proposal shows its confidence in the Tasmanian energy market. The project is located adjacent to the main north-south transmission corridor between Hobart and Launceston, and will provide enough power to meet Tasmania's medium term energy needs and allow it to better optimise its hydro generation to meet peak power events in Tasmania and on the mainland.

The St Patricks Plains Wind Farm is proposed to include 47 wind turbines across a number of rural properties in central Tasmania. The site is ideally located as it has strong and consistent wind speeds, a very strong powerline capacity on site, and good buffers to nearby dwellings.

The project will connect via a new substation to the on-site Palmerston to Waddamana powerlines owned by TasNetworks. Electricity will then be transmitted both north and south depending on the network needs, allowing hydro power generators to ramp down and save water during windy periods. This will support Tasmania becoming the 'battery of the nation' due to its ability to easily store hydro power for times when it is most needed.

As part of the project Epuron will establish a community fund to support community initiatives in the local area - this is one of the ways in which we spread the benefit of the project to the surrounding community.

Key considerations for the project include impacts to neighbours as well as to sensitive species found on site, including providing appropriate buffer distances from nearby eagle nests and other sensitive species.

We are keen to engage with the local community for input to help shape the project and maximise community benefits. If you have any questions, would like to share your views or are interested in supplying services to the project please email the project team or submit your comments via the project feedback form.

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