With ridgelines towering behind Lake Burrendong, and powerful winds a regular feature, the central west provides an excellent location for a large scale wind farm. Epuron is working with local landowners to develop a new large scale wind farm in the Central West Renewable Energy Zone.

Epuron is exploring an area east of Lake Burrendong that we believe has a good chance of being suitable for a wind farm. The location has been chosen because there is a strong wind resource, high voltage transmission lines and good road access with few neighbouring properties.

The project currently involves 69 wind turbines with an estimated capacity of up to 400 megawatts (MW). The final size will be guided by the interests of landowners in the area as well as the results of the environmental impact assessment.

Each wind turbine will require an access track and turbine lay-down area for construction, and will be connected by a combination of underground and overhead powerlines to a new on-site substation.

The project will connect via this new substation to the Mt Piper - Wellington 330,000 volt powerline located west and south-west of the site.

Epuron has submitted a Scoping Report for the purpose of determining the planning assessment requirements of the project. Submission of this report triggers the expansion of ongoing community consultation.

Epuron is consulting with involved property owners, neighbours, and local and state government authorities. We are keen to engage with the community widely to understand the benefits and impacts seen by the community, and where possible to shape the project to provide the greatest benefit. If we have not yet contacted you, and you wish to contribute, please email us or sign up to our newsletter below.

Wind - WRWF Turbine Blade B 2880