Lotus Creek

Cattle country and the wind farm opportunity

The land around Lotus Creek has farmed cattle for generations. The Lotus Creek Wind Farm represents an opportunity for a new economic activity in the region that is complementary to cattle farming. The project proposes to produce clean and low cost electricity using the consistent winds in the nearby ranges, whilst allowing cattle farming to continue for future generations .

Project outline

Epuron is developing the Lotus Creek Wind Farm 20km west of St Lawrence. This location has been chosen because:

  • there is a good wind resource – we are currently conducting wind monitoring to confirm this and to identify the most prospective locations
  • the area has extensive existing high voltage (275,000 volt) transmission lines suitable for connection
  • there is good access from the Marlborough Sarina Rd and Bruce Hwy
  • is complementary to cattle farming in the area
  • the area has strong winds at night and can produce electricity when Queensland's solar farms are not producing electricity.