Lotus Creek

The land around Lotus Creek has farmed cattle for generations. The Lotus Creek Wind Farm represents an opportunity for a new economic activity in the region that is complementary to cattle farming. The project proposes to produce clean and low cost electricity using the consistent winds in the nearby ranges, whilst allowing cattle farming to continue for future generations .

The Lotus Creek Wind Farm is located 20km west of St Lawrence in central Queensland. The location has been chosen because there is a strong wind resource, high voltage transmission lines and good road access with few neighbouring properties.

Epuron is proposing a 55 wind turbine layout. The project will connect via a new substation to the on-site 275,000 volt Nebo to Broadsound powerlines owned and operated by Powerlink.

Wind speeds at the site are strongest overnight, when the large solar farm generators are not operating, allowing this project to provide a valuable contribution to Queensland’s generation mix and supporting a large input of clean renewable energy into the network.

Key consideration of the project focuses on the ecological values at the site, and the careful management of key flora and fauna habitats.

Wind monitoring is underway on site and demonstrates a very promising wind energy resource. Further assessment continues to refine our understanding of long term wind flows across the site.

Epuron is continuing to engage with the local community to seek input to the planning and development process. Grid connection studies have commenced and planning studies are well advanced where particular focus has been placed on ecology studies.

Following feedback from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment on an initial proposed design, a new design is due to be referred for consideration.

Epuron is engaging with the broader community and to seek input to the project development process. So far this has included presentations to Council and other stakeholders, as well as a number of meetings with community members.

We are keen to engage with the community widely to understand the benefits and impacts seen by the community, and where possible to shape the project to provide the greatest benefit.

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