Western Plains

Epuron's first Tasmanian wind farm proposal marks its expansion into the Apple Isle. Tasmania is an exceptionally windy state, and this site is an exceptionally windy location in the state. With few nearby residences, the project has potential for the highest energy yield per turbine in Australia.

The Western Plains Wind Farm will include up to 12 wind turbines on the "Western Plains" property north-west of Stanley. Epuron has been measuring wind speeds on the property for many years and the high wind speeds, together with very low turbulence, provide an excellent resource for wind farm development.

The project will connect to the existing Port Latta substation via a new 33 kilovolt underground powerline generally following the existing road and disused rail easements. The power generated would then supply the energy consumption in Tasmania, allowing hydro power generators to ramp down and save water during windy periods. This will support Tasmania becoming the 'battery of the nation' due to its ability to easily store hydro power for times when it is most needed.

As part of the development Epuron will establish a community fund to support community initiatives in the Stanley area - this is one of the ways in which we spread the benefit of the project to the surrounding community.

The Western Plains property is located some distance from Stanley, meaning the visual impact from the seaside town will be minimal. The property is currently cleared and used for cattle grazing, and the lack of nearby neighbours means no noise impacts are expected.

Epuron is continuing to engage with the local community to seek input to the planning and development process. So far this has involved a number of meetings with community members as well as open house meetings and presentations to Council and other stakeholders.

Planning and grid connection studies are currently underway, with the specialist studies required for environmental impact assessments progressing. This includes detailed bird surveys as well as assessment of other impacts including noise, visual impacts and potential traffic assessments.

Where possible, Epuron has selected local Tasmanian consultants to carry out the work, aiming to maximise local benefits from the project.

If you are interested in supplying services to the project, please contact Epuron.

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