Western Plains

Tasmania is an exceptionally windy state and the site for Epuron's first Tasmanian wind farm proposal, Western Plains Wind Farm, at the tip of the Stanley peninsula is an exceptionally windy location. The project has the potential for the highest energy yield per turbine in Australia.

The Western Plains Wind Farm will include up to 12 wind turbines on the "Western Plains" property north-west of Stanley. Epuron has been measuring wind speeds on the property for many years and the high wind speeds, together with very low turbulence, provide an excellent resource for wind farm development.

The wind farm would contribute 50.4 megawatts to the Tasmanian grid and support the Tasmanian Government’s world-leading target of 200% renewable energy generation by 2040.

As part of the development Epuron will establish a community fund to support community initiatives in the Stanley area - this is one of the ways in which we spread the benefit of the project to the surrounding community.

The Western Plains property is currently cleared and used for cattle grazing. The proposed project is 4-5km from the township of Stanley. The wind turbines will not be visible from most areas in Stanley due to the escarpment between the town and the wind farm. A comprehensive technical and independent noise assessment involving predictive modelling has also been undertaken by leading acoustic consultants in accordance with the Environment Protection Authority’s Project Specific Guidelines. The project is predicted to be well within the prescribed noise limits and the maximum predicted noise level in the town of Stanley is 20-25 dB(A).

Epuron continues to engage with the local community to seek input into the planning and development process. This includes community information sessions and meetings with community members, Council and other stakeholders.

Assessment work for the proposal has been completed. This includes the specialist studies required for the Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan such as detailed bird surveys and dedicated assessments for noise, visual and traffic. Grid connection studies are currently underway.

Where possible, Epuron has selected local Tasmanian consultants to carry out the work, aiming to maximise local benefits from the project.

We are keen to engage with the local community for input to help shape the project and maximise community benefits.

If you have any questions, would like to share your views or are interested in supplying services to the project please email the project team or submit your comments via the project feedback form.

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