The Chalumbin Wind Farm site is located in northern Queensland, approximately 15km south of Ravenshoe and 65 km south-west of Innisfail.

It is in the Northern Queensland Renewable Energy Zone, an area identified as having some of the best wind resources in the country.

Wind measurements show particularly high night-time wind speeds which would complement Queensland's overall energy mix. In addition to an excellent wind resource, the site is close to road transport and the transmission network, and includes existing disturbed areas and Powerlink access tracks that the project can utilise.

The proposal involves up to 95 wind turbines, with an expected generating capacity of ~ 600 (est. 570) megawatts.

Wind farms generate significant economic benefits for local and regional communities and around half of the capital cost is expected to be spent within Queensland.

Chalumbin Wind Farm Project Overview

Assessment work is underway and Epuron is working with stakeholders, in preparation for a development application.

Epuron welcomes questions and input from members of the community and other interested parties. This helps us to understand views on benefits and impacts, and where possible shape the project to provide the greatest benefit.

If you have any questions or would like to share your views please email the project team or submit your comments via the project feedback form.

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