The Chalumbin Wind Farm site is located in northern Queensland, approximately 15 km south of Ravenshoe and 65 km south-west of Innisfail. It is in the Northern Queensland Renewable Energy Zone, an area identified as having some of the best wind resources in the country.

The proposal involves 94 wind turbines and a generation capacity of ~650 megawatts.

Chalumbin Wind Farm Project Overview

Epuron has been working closely with stakeholders to improve and refine the project design.

A development application and accompanying assessments has been submitted to the Queensland Government's State Assessment and Referral Agency.

A draft Public Environment Report has been submitted to the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment and after it has passed adequacy review it will be placed on public exhibition.

Epuron welcomes questions and input from members of the community and other interested parties. This helps us to understand views on local priorities and where possible shape the project to provide the greatest benefit.

We have an information hub at 55 Grigg St in Ravenshoe and questions or comments can be emailed to the project team or submitted via the project's feedback form.

To receive project updates via email register online here or for posted updates email the project team your postal address and a request to be added to the mailing list.

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