The cotton-growing Walgett region has among Australia's best solar irradiation. Epuron has designed the Walgett solar project to maximise the solar power generation which can be connected into the existing 66kV transmission system.

In June 2018 Epuron purchased the share held by its development partner Island Green Power. The ~25 Megawatt (a.c.) solar power project has now secured its Development Approvals and is targeted for construction start in early 2019.

Epuron is proposing a large scale solar farm near Walgett which will produce ~25MWac of power over 90ha of land approximately 5km north of the town. The farm will generate renewable electricity which will feed into the national electricity grid.

Standard flat solar photovoltaic (PV) modules will be used on the site. These are the same type of modules commonly used on residential rooftops. The modules would either be ‘fixed’ mounted or ‘tracking’. Tracking frames move every minute or so in order to ensure that the modules are always facing the sun allowing them to operate at higher efficiency but also higher implementation costs.

The project achieved Concept Approval from the Department of Planning on the 14th of July 2017 and is to be constructed in 2019.

The project is likely to be built in two stages with an initial stage of around 15 Megawatts supported by a recently signed power purchase agreement with the University of Technology, Sydney.

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