George Town

George Town hosts the Tasmanian end of Basslink - the only electrical connection to mainland Australia. It is the perfect location for Tasmania's first megawatt-scale solar farm. The solar farm will help diversify Tasmania’s power generation mix, providing drought-proof renewable energy in one of the sunniest parts of Tasmania.

George Town Solar will be Epuron's first renewable energy project in Tasmania, with commencement of construction targeted for 2018.

George Town solar farm will have a generation capacity of up to 5 megawatts (a.c.) and occupy an area of up to 12 hectares. The site is ideal as it is flat and clear, with good access to the existing road network and nearby powerlines. The land is unoccupied and zoned as Light Industrial, and as a result the project is expected to have minimal adverse environmental impacts.

The project will connect to the existing 22 kilovolt powerline running adjacent to the site, and provide power back towards the George Town substation.

The project will use standard, flat solar photovoltaic (PV) modules (commonly used on residential rooftops) attached to ‘tracking’ mounting frames. Tracking frames adjust through the day to ensure that the modules are always facing the sun and maximise their energy output.