Economic benefits

Renewable energy - boosting local and regional communities

The development, construction and operation of wind farms and solar power plants usually occurs in regional areas, and provides a significant economic stimulus in these areas. Economic benefits are widely spread in these communities and include:

  • use of local services (food, accommodation, fuel, general stores etc) during the development, construction, and operation period
  • use of local contractors in construction of the wind farm
  • ongoing local jobs in operating and maintaining the wind farm
  • lease payments to local landholders (with this income often spent in the local community.
  • funding of community and environmental activities and local sponsorships

Local staff are required for the ongoing operation and maintenance of renewable energy projects. While the number of jobs is related to the size of the project, all additional jobs in rural areas provide income for additional families, which increasing use of local facilities and therefore providing further benefits.

It is now common for Epuron to provide some form of community funding or sponsorship as part of its projects on a voluntary basis. We have a strong commitment to maximising the benefits to the local community from our projects.

Funding may include sponsorships of local events, clubs or sports teams; funding of community infrastructure; or funding of environmental activities in the vicinity of the project. It is community driven for the community’s benefit.

Infrastructure required for development of the wind farm also benefits the local community. In addition to the possibility of improved power supplies, the construction and operation of renewable energy projects often requires the improvement of other community facilities (such as roads) which are funded by the project proponent.