St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Update - May 2022

Thank you

Thank you to all those who have engaged with us throughout the planning and assessment phase of the project. This input has played a valuable role in helping us to minimise the potential impacts on the environment, property owners and residents, and to better understand the priorities and benefits of most value to the local community.

The project team gratefully acknowledges the local enthusiasm for the project as highlighted by the petition of support and in this story published by community advocacy organisation RE-Alliance.

The last studies required to complete the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) are being incorporated into the EIS, and it will then be prepared for lodgement.

Noise limit reduced

The Environment Protection Authority Tasmania (EPA) has lowered the noise limit for the project by 5dB, to 35dB or the existing background noise plus 5dB. The direction was confirmed by Epuron in March. It aligns with the limit in most other Australian states and is understood to be the most stringent operational noise limit for wind farms internationally.

The predictive noise modelling shared at information sessions in February shows the St Patricks Plains Wind Farm is predicted to comply with this lower threshold at all non-involved receivers (dwellings) apart from one, where compliance can be achieved by wind turbine management. For a map of the predicted noise contours please download the full update:

St Patricks Plains Wind Farm - May 2022

Following a recent court case involving noise and the Bald Hills Wind Farm, Epuron would like to assure the community of the robustness of the project’s noise assessment and noise monitoring required during operation. The wind farm is a $560 million investment and Epuron is being diligent in ensuring that assessments are accurate and can be independently verified. As part of this process the project team is providing the background noise data to an acoustician nominated by a community member to review on behalf of a number of local residents.

This National Law Review article explains Uren v Bald Hills Wind Farm Pty Ltd [2022] VSC 145 judgement and implications.