St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Update - September 2021

Layout revision

Further revision of the wind turbine layout has been completed and three wind turbines have been removed to reduce visual impacts and align with community feedback. Based on the collated data from eight seasons (two years) of eagle utilisation surveys and other studies including flora and fauna, aboriginal and cultural heritage, electromagnetic interference, noise and visual impact, the final layout for the wind farm includes 47 wind turbines.

Noise assessment

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions noise assessment briefings have been postponed until further notice. Out of consideration for the many local residents who are planning to attend and may not have a reliable internet service, these will not be held via video conference and will be rescheduled as soon as practicable. Tailored noise briefings will be held for residents and property owners located to the east and west of the site in Flintstone, Arthurs Lake Road, Wilburville, Shannon and Penstock. To register interest in attending email the project team:

New dates and details will be advertised when confirmed and registered attendees will be notified directly. We thank community members for their understanding and patience.

In the meantime the full September 2021 project update is focused on noise assessment information and includes details about the noise assessment process, noise limits, compliance and monitoring, wind farm noise and human health, and a map of the noise contours showing maximum noise levels at the site. Download the update via the link below.

St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Update - September 2021

Next steps

Following completion of specialist reports Epuron is preparing the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for lodgement. After it has been accepted by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Central Highlands Council it will go on public exhibition and Epuron will hold community information sessions to give community members an opportunity to discuss the EIS with the project team.