St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Update - November 2021

Noise briefings

The St Patricks Plains Wind Farm project team is hoping to hold noise assessment briefings and a public noise information session in February 2022.

The public noise information session will be held at the Steppes Hall and details will be advertised in the next update.

Briefings will be held specifically for residents and owners of properties located to the east and west of the wind farm site, in Flintstone, Arthurs Lake Road, Wilburville, Shannon and Penstock. Please note these briefings will not be open to the public and places are limited. To register your interest in attending please email the project team. Attendees will be notified directly of the details as soon as the briefings are confirmed.

All briefings and the public information session will be attended by an independent specialist from Marshall Day Acoustics.

We appreciate these briefings have been delayed for some time due to travel restrictions and border closures. Epuron sincerely thanks the community for its understanding and patience.

New research findings

Results from an independent university study published in October found that residents who live within 10km of a wind farm do not appear to experience any measurable impact in their sleep from wind turbine noise. The study found they did not experience higher levels of sleep disturbance and were more likely to have their sleep disturbed by other causes and noise sources. Another lab based study also found that wind farm noise did not appear to affect sleep patterns.

The findings are part of the ongoing Wind Farm Noise Study by researchers at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, part of the Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute: Sleep Health at Flinders University.

For more information including a site map download the full update:

St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Update - November 2021