Chalumbin Wind Farm Update - October 2021

Answering community questions

Thank you to everyone who visited the community information session in Ravenshoe on 16 September and to those members of the local community who have provided us with feedback. We welcome this input and appreciate people taking the time to share with us their priorities and concerns.

The main concerns that have been raised to us are whether the Jirrbal People have been properly consulted and the potential impacts on the environment and local wildlife.

This update answers a number of key questions on why the site was chosen, the involvement of the Jirrbal People and the work being done on ecological matters:

  • Why do we need more renewable energy?
  • Why did Epuron choose this site?
  • Have the Jirrbal People been involved?
  • Does the project include any part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area?
  • Does the proposal involve clearing any rainforest?
  • How much and what type of land would be cleared?
  • Are key environment stakeholders being involved?
  • What ecological assessment work has been done?
  • What impact could the project have on wildlife corridors?
  • How will rare and endangered wildlife in the area be protected?
  • What does a net positive outcome for biodiversity mean and what strategies will be used to achieve it?
  • What are the next steps in the environmental assessment process?

Download the full update with answers to these questions here:

Chalumbin Wind Farm Update - October 2021

We are listening

Epuron is committed to the Clean Energy Council’s Best Practice Charter and knows that collaboration with local communities is fundamental for project success.

Other concerns that have been raised by community members include noise, visual impacts and transport. We are listening and will address these concerns and other questions we receive in future updates.

Comments or questions can be emailed to the project team or sent via the feedback form.

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