St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Update - January 2021

Revision of wind turbine layout

After a full year of on-site surveys and community engagement Epuron has revised the wind turbine layout for the proposed St Patricks Plains Wind Farm. The changes avoid and minimise interactions with eagles and other fauna and flora, and address feedback and concerns raised by the community and visitors.

The new layout involves 50 wind turbines. Twenty-one turbines from the previous layout of 67 have been removed and four new turbine locations have been added. In this latest layout turbine locations are also no closer than three kilometres from the communities of Wilburville, Fintstone, Shannon and Penstock. For a detailed map of the changes to the wind turbine layout download the full project update:

St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Update - January 2021
St Patricks Plains Wind Farm wind turbine layout revision January 2021

Revision of wind turbine layout for St Patricks Plains Wind Farm - January 2021

Community information sessions

Two information days are scheduled to update the community and answer any questions about the new layout:

  • Bothwell - 4-7pm Friday 29 January, Club Rooms, Bothwell Recreation Ground
  • Miena - 3-6pm, Saturday 30 January, Great Lake Community Centre

Important note: if the project team is unable to visit the area for the above dates due to travel restrictions these information days will be cancelled and guests will be provided with alternative options. For this reason RSVP is required by Wednesday 27 January. If you would like to attend please reply email to Donna Bolton on with your preferred contact details.

Next steps

The site surveys required by the Project Specific Guidelines are due to be completed in the first half of this year. It is anticipated that the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be finalised and lodged with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Tasmania in the second half of 2021 and placed on public exhibition at the end of the year.