St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Update - September 2020

Layout design revision

Epuron has completed the first of two consecutive years of on-site bird studies along with other site surveys and studies for the proposed St Patricks Plains Wind Farm project south-east of Miena. The project team is now in the process of revising the layout design in response to all the information that has been gathered to date.

The layout revision is due to be completed before the end of this year, and as soon as it is the new layout will be shared with the community through a project update and presentations at information sessions for local residents and other interested parties. If the project team is unable to visit the area due to COVID related travel restrictions, these information sessions will be held online.

Social impact assessment

As part of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) preparation independent consultants pitt&sherry have been engaged to prepare a Social and Economic Impact Assessment. A consultation process for this is currently underway and the information collected will help to assess the potential impacts of the proposal based on community profile, the values that respondents place on the area, and the concerns or interests respondents have.

St Patricks Wind Farm Update - September 2020