MEDIA RELEASE: South Fremantle Solar Farm Approved

The City of Fremantle has granted approval for the South Fremantle Solar Farm, enabling the reuse and renewal of one of the City’s largest landfill sites.

The proposed solar farm will cover approximately 8 hectares of the 19.4 hectare former South Fremantle landfill site and produce up to 4.9 Megawatts of power.

The project offers an excellent example of the careful reuse of a contaminated site which would otherwise not be available for development. A solar farm provides an ideal use of the site until longer-term remediation and development options can be delivered.

Epuron will lease the site from City of Fremantle, who will retain ongoing landfill management responsibilities.

Anthony Melov, Project Director, said “Epuron thanks the community for coming on board with this solar farm project. We particularly thank the City of Fremantle staff and officers, with whom we have worked over the last two years to progress the project to this point”.

Epuron’s Executive Director, Martin Poole, said “After almost 15 years working on wind and solar projects around Australia, Epuron continues to be committed to the clean, new energy system that Australians, and importantly our children, expect and demand”.

Epuron is now finalising the grid connection arrangements with Western Power, lease terms with the City and its designs in preparation for construction. Epuron looks forward to the South Fremantle Solar Farm progressing to construction to capture the full benefits it will bring to the community.

MEDIA RELEASE: South Fremantle Solar Farm Approved