Yass Valley - Preferred Project Report

Epuron submitted its Preferred Project Report to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure on 30 November 2012. This report has now been placed on exhibition by the Department, with an exhibition period from 14 December 2012 until 1 March 2013.

The report addresses the issues raised during the public exhibition of the project Environmental Assessment and also details a number of changes made to the wind farm infrastructure layout as a result of those submissions.These changes include reducing the site area slightly, as well as altering the transmission line connection location to reduce impacts.

Following exhibition of the Preferred Project Report, the Department will complete their assessment and make a determination of the proposal. 

In parallel, Epuron has recently commenced the grid connection process with TransGrid. A feasibility assessment report is expected in April 2013.

Epuron is continuing to consult with project stakeholders and is planning to hold a Community Consultation Committee meeting in February 2013. A newsletter for the project will also be released shortly.

The Preferred Project Report is available here, as well as on the Department's website.