MEDIA RELEASE: Epuron returns to local ownership

Epuron was today acquired by Fulcrum Energy after a buy-out by Epuron’s existing management.  As a result, Epuron returns to 100% Australian ownership for the first time since 2005.

Epuron is a renewable energy project company based in North Sydney. The company was founded in April 2003 by Andrew Durran and Martin Poole, and was originally known as Taurus Energy. It focuses on development of utility-scale solar energy and wind farm projects across Australia.

Fulcrum Energy was established by Mr Durran and Mr Poole to invest in renewable energy projects and technologies, with a focus on solar and wind energy.  In addition to its investment in Epuron, Fulcrum Energy is also a founding investor in Fulcrum3D which is manufacturing specially designed SODAR devices specifically designed for the wind monitoring industry.

With Conergy as its parent company from 2005 to 2011,  Epuron continued to invest in wind projects all over NSW and to benefit from Conergy’s years of experience in worldwide renewable energy markets. As a result, Epuron is well placed for the renewable energy opportunities which lie ahead.

Epuron’s management is optimistic about the future for the business, based on:

  • a demonstrated track record of successful wind farm and solar energy project development and delivery;
  • strong relationships with some of Australia’s largest electricity retail businesses and with global wind turbine suppliers;
  • a dedicated team of 15 staff who are all committed to ensuring solar and wind energy play a major role in Australia’s future energy supply; and,
  • a strong project development pipeline for the years ahead.

For Epuron’s Australian projects and partners, nothing changes – the same team will continue to apply its skills in developing high quality Australian wind farms and solar energy projects to provide clean energy for our future.

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