MEDIA RELEASE: Epuron Enters Joint Venture with Macquarie Capital for Development of 1,000 MW Wind Farm

Strategic partnership with Australia's largest bank to develop and finance major project

Australia's demand for renewable resources growing strongly

The Australian subsidiary of Epuron GmbH and Macquarie Capital Group have signed a joint framework agreement to develop, finance and construct Australia's biggest wind farm. The project is currently being planned. Initial applications will be made in the approval procedure as early as next year.

The wind installations will be built near Silverton, western New South Wales. Between 400 and 500 wind turbines with a peak capacity of 1,000 megawatt have the potential to supply 4.5 per cent of the annual energy needs of New South Wales with environmentally friendly electricity. This corresponds to the power consumption of more than 400,000 households per year – one third of Sydney’s population.

"We are delighted to announce this joint venture,” said Joachim Müller, managing director at Epuron responsible for financing and wind power activities world-wide. "This joint venture brings together Macquarie Capital's strength in financing with EPURON's long-standing expertise in wind power. Substantial growth in renewable energy has recently begun to pick up in Australia. Our cooperation with Macquarie Capital puts us in a great position to cover a large part of this increasing demand."

Upon the recent parliamentary elections held in Australian at the beginning of December, one of the first official acts of the new government was to sign the Kyoto protocol. Like the European Union, Australia is also committed to generate 20 per cent of its electrical power from renewable energies by 2020. Up to now, only wind energy installations with a peak output of around 17 megawatt have been set up in the state of New South Wales—which includes Sydney.