Solar and wind farms require good amounts of land.

Wind farms are like an additional crop for landowners - they take up very little land (usually 1-2% of the land area), and are generally located on the top of ridges the where land is often of lower quality. That means farmers can have their cake and eat it too - keep the best quality land for agriculture, and derive a second income by leasing ridgeline areas to a wind power company like Epuron.

Solar farms on the other hand require flatter land, and generally don't allow other agricultural activities within the solar farm boundary. Stock generally needs to be excluded for its own protection, and solar farms are generally fenced off to allow stock to continue to graze in other parts of the property. Both lease and purchase arrangements can be used for solar farms.

All renewable energy projects require connection to the electricity grid. This can mean a local 22-33 kilovolt (kV) feeder for smaller projects, or very high voltage powerlines up to 330 kilovolts (kV) for larger projects.

If you're interested in participating, or just want to find out more about it, please contact Epuron.

Rural Strip - Farmer with Cows

Our consultation with the local community and neighbours is designed to:

  • introduce Epuron and outline its activities and how it goes about its business
  • build positive, trust-based relationships, and deal openly and fairly in all discussions with the community
  • ensure that each person who wishes to engage with Epuron has ample opportunity to do so
  • earn the trust of the local stakeholders as a critical step in developing our projects

This consultation goes beyond the question of whether someone likes the idea of a particular project - Epuron’s objectives are to:

  • provide factual information in relation to our projects, their impacts (both positive and negative) and their operation
  • understand community perspectives in relation to potential impacts and benefits of its projects
  • fully understand and clearly represent the impacts of our projects, mitigate or eliminate impacts where possible, and maximise the benefits available from our projects while ensuring their viability
  • enhance the understanding and acceptance of wind and solar energy and their role in providing clean energy to Australian energy users

If you wish to discuss a project, please contact Epuron or come along to one of our 'open houses' which are held during the development phases.

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